5 Most serious psychological illnesses

Perhaps what is common in these areas receive articles on tips and thoughts on things so healthy, happiness, couples, children, etc. However to vary somewhat this routine thought it would be interesting to expand our knowledge with some things that can be somewhat strange if we came to run into someone who does, we are talking about these diseases that far from being physical becomes mentally, destroying lives worldwide, rosado a little what is disturbing for many, we present the 5 most serious psychological illnesses that we could meet.

Psychological illnesses

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This is one of the contradictory conditions to what is more commonly known as Anorexia, it creates complex believing always look thin, reaching the habit further increase muscle mass, mostly apparently often suffer it people who are dedicated to the musculature.

This disease even psychological actually is linked to the affected body, as if in case it comes not serve time, the body is the one who suffers the consequences coming to have bulky formations as a result of the obsession with wanting to have a muscular body and others usually get same fall into this problem by anabolic steroids. This disease usually affects young men usually comprising between 15 and 30 years.

Cotard Syndrome

Or as elsewhere often call it, syndrome or walking undead body, a disease that suffers syndrome comes to believe he is dead in life and your body is decomposing. It can be considered that this disease is one of the best evidence of how a bad mental can wreck our perception of reality.

This disease is often called in various ways; in some parts call Delirio Denial or Nihilists.

Fatal Familial Insomnia

As its name suggests, it is when those affected lose the ability to sleep, caused by prions (infectious particles that can cause neurological problems).

This disease is difficult to treat because medications for sleep are too aggressive, they are not considered as an alternative for the cure to the disease, becoming deadly to those who suffer, for the long term begin to take notice what which they are disorders, memory loss, dementia, lack of hunger and ultimately death. In conclusion, this psychological disease has no known cure.

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This word comes from the Greek (akron = tip; volume = cut; philia = love).

This disease is a paraphilia that is based on feel sexual desire amputations or people who have some amputation, according to Wikipedia those who suffer often “devotees” (as they prefer to be called), they prefer people with amputations of the extremities lower and even better if they are trunnion.

There is another similar disease called Identity Disorder Body Integration, which unlike the previous affected is the one who has the desire to amputate body parts.


Cannibalism, a good word to try to describe this disease, but, in this case, affected not looking to eat body parts of another person but himself, autophagy is evil mind where the person who has it has an excessive urge to eat body parts.

In most cases, the victims of this disease have not come to conclude these desires, besides considering that this is a very rare disease.

In addition to these ills sure there are many others, if you know anyone you think is worse, can comment below.

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