A grateful person is a happy person

Everything is good on you! You were born perfect, complete, unique and unrepeatable!

Though you feel at times that something is wrong with you, you’re not good enough or do not know enough, you do not deserve what you have or think you do not deserve better, do not worry, because most of us spend some time.

Happy Person

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Today I want to tell you that your happiness is already within reach, it is now available for you. According to the attitude you take in life, and according as you think, will define the way you feel. If you want to be happy, you can be…

One of the things that keeps us from being happy is the desire to have more of what we already have, what happens is that once we get it, then we want something else. This is reflected in the wishes of many aspects of life, and in the hope that someone does that tell us what we expect our children to be more cooperative, we can go on vacation, we have a new pair of boots, etc….

The compare with others also robs us of happiness, leading us to want what others already have, if a friend in a while something you like, why not you? And when we see on television or magazines what is supposed to be a beautiful woman, we feel sad and dissatisfied by not having as desired with models, actresses and TV presenters presented to us every hour that body.

If this sounds familiar, concentrate more on what you do and not what others have, they say or do. If you identify with any of the above situations is likely to experience some degree of dissatisfaction, is not it?

And… How to change this trend?

With a very simple practice and the more you make the better results you will experience.

The key is to acknowledge all that you have. Look all around you, even the simplest details. Most likely be reading this article means you have technology at your fingertips, whether through a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Also connected to the Internet, you have the ability to see, know how to read, and as these simple examples, thank everything you have and usually take for granted. All that you have is cause for joy and to have a grateful heart. Having friends, family cares about you … Your senses, nature, silence, a roof under which to live, daily food … think of all you have, although could always be more, it is not enough. Give thanks for it, appreciate it, because of how much or how little, they are things you have.

Starting today, a new challenge Aim: Every day think of something new so thank you, something you’ve been taking for granted, but which in turn, no longer a privilege having a grateful attitude is something you life changing, it may seem a small thing but carries great power. If you learn to see why you feel grateful, even in the simplest things and are usually free, you will find more positive, feeling much better mood.

Decide to be happy, put your attention on all the blessings you have and how lucky you areLove yourself as you are, with your mistakes and successes, with the new things you learn and appreciate each day, because each represents a new opportunity.

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