Discover the secret of youth

The recipe against aging has long been known and is available to everyone, it’s called healthy lifestyle.

Aging is a physiological process, namely that nature takes its course and its designs and no one can escape it. However we can all delay the aging of our body and ensure a better old age.

Modern life puts us to the test every day. Too much stress, little sleep, sedentary lifestyle, pollution, smoking, alcohol, drugs, poor diet, excess weight, are the worst enemies of youth.


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It happens so that our biological age (i.e. the one show organs and systems of our body) exceed the registry and we grow old prematurely.

When we think we visualize aging wrinkles, white hair, poor physical. But the appearance is just what you see in the physical aging. The thing that should interest us because with the slowdown of the various functions, the body is more exposed to risks of diseases and a general worsening of the quality of our lives.

The link between proper nutrition and health has been known for centuries. Eat healthy foods and rich in the right nutrients is our old age insurance. Insurance which certainly will charge and which we will enjoy the benefits of 100%.

We keep our cells young

As we know the body is made up of millions of cells. They are their own, so tiny, the key aging.

The young cells “work best”. Allow nutrients to enter into them, use and eliminate waste. Produce energy in an appropriate manner, they are able to duplicate itself in the correct way.

As we age, all these processes slow down and become less accurate. To understand how, it must also be acknowledged that the cells are of different types and must make distinctions.

Permanent cells are those who do not renew ever, that is not replaced by new for our whole life. ‘And the case of certain nerve cells or cardiac muscle. The main cause of premature aging and damage of these cells is the oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is determined by several factors, such as smoking, pollution, radiation and UV radiation, but also by free radicals, waste products of our metabolism.

From the nutritional point of view it is necessary to take the food with antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E and some minerals, such as zinc and selenium.

All the substances that are contained in fruits and vegetables, seeds, and vegetable oils, WHO and all health institutions worldwide, recommending for years increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, from 5 to 9 servings a day. We all know that happens rarely and even in the best cases the quality and quality of nutrients in natural foods, no longer corresponds to the needs of our body. It has become necessary and essential to remedy this “nutritional gap”.

The cells labile are those that are duplicated constantly during the span of their lives, such as those of the basal layer of the epidermis. This is the main reason of aging: indeed the duplication of the cells is protected by telomeres, the end portions of chromosomes. As we age the telomeres tend to shorten, making the DNA susceptible to mutations. Numerous studies confirm that stress epic physical accelerate telomere shortening, while the opposite is true for those who leads a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

‘It also showed how stress affects the risk of overweight and obesity. Ache in this case, science has shown that those who have a healthy body weight is aging more slowly and has a longer life expectancy than those with few (or many) pounds too much.

Caring and self-respect at a young age and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is therefore the only eliminated long life and the key to delay aging and enjoy a beautiful old age.

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