Sunspots: How to recognize them and how to prevent its occurrence

You know what is the first signal that reveals the age of our skin? I will reveal us: it is the small dark spots that subtract the complexion uniformity, regularity and elasticity.

But because they are born stains on the skin? The main cause is the exposure to sunlight. For evidence just look at the skin of the buttocks: even in old age is always a bright and uniform color because it is (almost) never been exposed to the sun. The solar radiation, in fact, stimulates melanocytes: epidermal cells that produce melanin and distribute it on the skin surface.


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Melanin is a pigment that the skin produces its own to defend themselves from the sun: excessive exposure, repeated and incorrect, and therefore, continuously urges the melanocytes and causes an overproduction of melanin and its irregular distribution, thus creating small dark spots.

But you can lighten naturally? You can mitigate with lightening and depigmenting products. In cosmetics, they use three types of active ingredients for this purpose.

The first category, the most powerful, includes Arbutin (natural glucoside present in grapes Ursina), glabridin (Licorice extract) and Resveratrol (flavonoid content in the berry skins of grapes).

The active depigmenting considered more effective and safe today is the derivative of Resorcinol: a phenol obtained by recreating in the laboratory the substances present in the Scotch Pine.

The second category of bleaching includes inhibitors of melanin transfer in the tissues, such as some derivatives of soybeans and especially the vitamin PP or niacinamide. These assets are less effective as depigmenting and more suitable as brighteners in antiaging creams.

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In the third category are all antioxidants that reduce the silent micro-inflammation in tissues: vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols such as those contained in grapes, in red fruits and green tea, and lipoic acid found in broccoli and spinach. These antioxidants are effective is applied to the skin, with treatments like antiox Cream Pro-Collagen and Vitamin C, is introduced through diet.

It is therefore important a diet rich in these substances, which includes daily consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables.

When the diet is not enough, it is possible to assume these elements with the help of specific supplements.

How you can reduce the speckled effect on the skin? To reduce the appearance of spots and prevent them from becoming more obvious ones already present, prevention is the best weapon. The first rules are:

  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, even in winter
  • Always use sunscreen products with a minimum of SPF 15 and broad-spectrum filters, which filter that is both UVA is UVB.
  • Be careful in the sun even within a car or a building because UVA rays are not shielded by glass.

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