4 Weight Loss Apps and Sites for Reliable Information and Sustainable Motivation

It takes a lot of effort to lose weight. Whatever diet or fitness routine you choose, you’ll need the right advice from reliable sources as well as the determination to stick to your plans. These websites and apps provide information and motivation to help people lose weight and keep it off, and you can also enjoy real money pokies while you’re at it.

How To Make Yourself Lose Weight?

Fat2Lose (Web): Reliable Guide of Essential Information Towards Weight Loss

The internet is flooded with websites, articles, and tips on how to lose weight quickly. However, one has to wonder how dependable and effective these are. You are not the only one who is unsure about which resource to rely on. Another such netizen became tired of sifting through unreliable data to find “actionable, no-bullshit tips” and compiled them all on a free website.

The idea behind Fat2Lose is to focus on two key principles of weight loss: motivation and knowledge. It’s divided into sections for a weight loss checklist, changing bad habits for good, understanding how your body works, books to read for weight loss, fitness apps to burn fat, different types of diets, supplements to improve your health, sustainable exercises, and smart devices to track your weight loss.

Each section contains reliable data that the author personally curated based on studies, books, people’s experiences, and the author’s own journey of losing 45 lbs of weight. None of this advice is ground-breaking. But the goal isn’t to teach you something you didn’t already know; it’s to show you that this is all that matters, and you can ignore the fad diets and trendy short-term advice you frequently read on blogs and play games at zar casinos.

Psychology of Eating (Ebook): 4-Part Ebook Series to Understand Why and How You Eat

Your weight is directly proportional to how you eat. And each of us has a unique relationship with food that has formed over years of a subconscious behaviour. The Institute of Eating Psychology wants to help you understand why and how you eat in order to break free from unhealthy patterns and habits.

To get you started, founder Marc David and other food psychology experts have created a four-part ebook series with accompanying videos. It’s completely free, with each instalment sent after you finish the previous one.

The first book discusses seven food psychology principles as well as how body image and metabolism affect you. The second book dives into the science of why you should pay more attention to your diet. The third book provides practical advice on how to apply what you’ve learned to make behavioural changes. The fourth book is more of a sales pitch to join the organization; you are free to ignore it.

Libra (Android) and Happy Scale (iOS): Track Weight in Wholesome, Non-Guilt Ways

Regular weigh-ins are required to track your weight loss progress. But the truth is that our weight fluctuates due to a variety of normal day-to-day factors. Even if you’ve been on your best behaviour for two days, seeing the scale rise can be disheartening. It’s easy to lose track of how far you’ve come in such situations. That is the misconception that these two apps are trying to correct.

Libra and Happy Scale both display your weight trend rather than the exact number on a daily graph. Instead of disheartening or alarming you, their algorithms want to motivate you. For example, if your scale is high today, the app will compare it to a point in the past to give you a more realistic and happier assessment of your progress. Unlike many other apps, they also avoid using judgmental words to motivate you, no matter how well-intended they are. In a nutshell, it’s weight tracking for people who want accurate information without feeling guilty.

You can also set long-term and short-term weight goals to track your progress and celebrate achievements. Happy Scale also has a “Prediction” meter that shows when you’re likely to meet your goals based on current trends or if your weight loss trend shifts slightly. They truly are among the best weight loss apps you should install.

Weighlos (Android, iOS): Motivate Friends to Meet Weight Goals Together

According to studies, working as a group increases your chances of meeting your goals and maintaining good habits. Weighlos is one of the best social fitness apps for setting weight loss goals with friends and motivating one another to meet them.

The creator of the group can specify a weekly goal in kilograms/pounds or percentages. The percentage-based concept is pretty cool because it allows users to keep their weights private and secure while still sharing their progress with the group. However, it is not always the most equitable approach, so consult with your group to determine the best type of goal for you all as a group.

When it comes to communicating with the group, Weighlos has an integrated chat app that allows users to message one another. You’ll also be able to view your individual and group statistics and trends. You can also join several groups.

Weighlos respects your privacy and does not sell your data to third parties. In fact, even in the free version, it is completely ad-free.

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