Dealing With Back Pain In Pregnant Women

The appearance of back pain in pregnant women is much more common than what you may think. It is a sign that the baby grows. However, dealing with the back pain is something that can be difficult. Women normally have to deal with this starting around the second pregnancy half. Minimizing back pain is always possible but you need to first understand the real causes. This helps you to reap in the benefits of good health associated with the treatment options you choose.

Back Pain Causes With Pregnant Women

The pain felt during pregnancy normally appears in the area where the spine meets the pelvis, right at a sacroiliac joint level. This can happen because of various reasons but the most common ones are the following:

  • Weight GainHealthy pregnancies involve women picking up around 30 extra pounds. It is the spine that will support this extra weight. Lower back pain would appear and baby weight will also add pressure to nerves and blood vessels present in both the back and the pelvis.
  • Posture Changes – The pregnancy will change the woman’s gravity center. Posture changes without even realizing it. Back strain or pain can appear.
  • Hormonal Changes – The body will create relaxin in order to deal with some of the pregnancy problems. While the hormone is beneficial, it will lead towards spine ligaments becoming looser.
  • Stress – Pregnancy involves a lot of emotional stress. There will be muscle tension felt in the back, together with back spasms and pain. As stressful periods appear, all the pain can become higher.

Pregnancy Back Pain Treatments

The good news with pregnancy back pain is that it normally decreases at a gradual rate until giving birth. However, some treatments will be necessary. What was proven to work includes:

  • Exercising – This increases flexibility and strengthens muscles. Spine stress can be reduced. For a pregnant woman it is recommended to consider swimming, walking and the stationary cycle. Physical therapists will be able to recommend suitable exercises.
  • Posture Improvements – When you slouch the spine will feel extra strain. Proper posture will be necessary when you sleep, sit or work. As a simple example, using a pillow right between knees when sleeping on the side will reduce much of the stress felt on the back area. As you sit at the desk, you can use rolled-up towels right behind the back for extra support. Support belt are also almost always a good idea.
  • Counseling – This is not something that is considered but it is a very good option in the event there is a connection between stress and back pain.
  • Acupuncture – The ancient Chinese medicine is much more effective than many believe. There are different studies that highlight how effective acupuncture is in dealing with pregnancy related low back pain.
  • Chiropractic Treatment – If chiropractic manipulation is properly performed, the spine will be safe and will become stronger during the pregnancy. However, it is really important to always focus on getting a recommendation from the doctor before going to the chiropractor.

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