Best classes to take to make friends

As we get older it can become increasingly harder to meet new people, and as people grow apart you may want to find a new hobby to do this. Joining a class is a great way of meeting a new circle of friends whilst doing something active or creative. You will find that having a mutual interest will help build friendships and make it easier to break the ice too!

Fitness can be tedious if you go alone, however if you choose to join a group exercise such as Zumba or spin classes you can begin to interact with the other participants. Although this can be a gradual process, exercising as a group can really help with motivation and build fitness into your routine.

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If you are creative and prefer a more relaxed hobby, then you could join an art or craft class. These can include painting, photography, or knitting and can either be a beginner’s class where you learn alongside others, or an advanced skills class. These will give you a creative outlet whilst being able to interact and express yourself to others through art.

Another more static hobby is taking a language class. Learning a new language is the perfect way to develop and grow with a new group of people who all have the same goal. It can be a very supportive environment and depending on the language could even take you all over the world if you decide to use your new skill to travel.

Other active groups include dance classes. Energetic dance types such as salsa, hip-hop or jazz are a fun way of breaking the ice when meeting new people. When paired with your dance partner it will encourage immediate conversation that will progress throughout your sessions. Lessons such as Salsa Classes London provide various levels of skill and some that are perfect for beginners.

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You may also be an academic at heart, so maybe you could try joining a book club where they discuss the writing and plot of novels. Other academic clubs include a local newspaper which would be working with your community to design a monthly paper. This can be extremely sociable and develop friendships local to you.

Try and remember that making friends will take time. It is important to keep an open mind and remain approachable despite any initial setbacks. Once you have built the foundation of a friendship you will have the opportunity to progress it past your class and even meet up after the class or at weekends too.

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