Natural Methods for Lowering Your Blood Pressure

We live in an age where medicines and surgeries seem to be the go-to answers for a lot of what ails us physically. However, a lot of people can tell that that is, in itself, something of an unhealthy attitude. Many people suffer from, and take strong doses of medication with severe side effects, ailments that can be eased or cured by more natural means. One such affliction is high blood pressure.

Blood pressure harms many people, but it exists basically as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Rather than immediately resort to medications, which may lead to unhealthy side effects, why not try making your way of life one that is conducive to healthy living and lower blood pressure? Here are some ways to do just that.

Start a New Routine

Many people, and probably most Americans, live a lifestyle that is not at all ideal for good health. It’s not so much that we eat too much as it is that we eat too much of the wrong things. It’s also not so much that we don’t exercise enough as it is that we do not lead active lifestyles. Fix these components and not only will your hypertension improve, but chances are many of your other health problems will as well.

Natural Methods for Lowering Your Blood Pressure

This starts by changing what you shop for at the grocery store. Don’t be content to just eat TV dinners, bag soups, and big portions of meat with nothing to balance it out but the occasional salad and frozen vegetables that you’ve boiled all the nutrients out of. Keep eating those salads, but skip the croutons and start adding in healthy ingredients such as: avocados, water cress, kale, berries, nuts.  Switch your dressing from heavy, creamy options like Ranch and Cesar (they’re not necessarily bad for hypertension but they’ll drain your energy and increase your blood sugar if you overdo them) and instead choose a light vinaigrette.

Get in the habit of blending or juicing fresh fruits and vegetables to supercharge yourself with an infusion of vitamins and minerals when you head out the door, instead of stopping for cokes, sweet teas, etc. Coke won’t give you hypertension per se, but a kale, banana, and kiwi drink juiced at home will pump you full of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which will take your blood pressure reading down.

Get Your Body in Gear

Being physically active is an important component of living a healthy life – one without high blood pressure. Find time to go running, work out at the gym, play volleyball at the beach, go for a swim, or even take a short walk on your lunch break. Take your portable BPM with you and track your progress.

Consistency is key with any exercise regimen. If you can’t make a special trip out the house everyday to get your exercise in, put together a cardio routine for yourself at home, or even at the office if you can. All you need is 30 minutes a day, really, and if all you can do is get on the treadmill, do a few sit-ups or pushups, or powerwalk around the block a few times, well, those are all good places to start. Just make sure they are not the places you stop. All of these changes will help drive your blood pressure down and get your body functioning the way it should, making you a healthier and happier person.

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