Why do we need mourn?

Far from being a synonym of weakness, crying helps us to channel and release tensions in our body and has a similar effect to that of painkillers.

We cry from birth. Sometimes sad, others happy. It is also true that many times we “keep” the desire to mourn because we think we are so brave or because it is not well seen tears.

However, this type of “download” is vital to express ourselves, get ahead or demonstrate what happens to us. In the following article we will tell you why we need to mourn occasionally.


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Mourn deeply frees us

Tears are a tool used for all kinds of purposes. From venting penalties to attract attention, to show our sadness or disappointment, memories of something that has happened in the past or even when we sneeze, have allergies or laugh out loud.

Mourn gives us relief, makes us feel calmer and can help us to be aware of things not seen (or loath us to).

Surely you remember more than once that you cried “with all your strength” and then either you fell asleep or left your corner to do any activity. Why? Because the tears poured tea to take away a big weight off, as popularly it said.

There are people who have the ability to mourn, but others cannot do so easily. When we are young we are rebukes when we cry because they tell us that it is “weak” from “capricious” or “bad kids”.

That is we seared in our minds and therefore do not allow us mourn when we need. Too much control emotions (denying them or disguising them with a fake smile) is harmful to health.

If the body accumulates too many negative feelings not only generates depression, tension or stress, but is also likely to change the character or personality. More irritability, moodiness and nerves are just some of the signs.

Do not forget that somewhere the body must expel all that hurts or makes you wrong. One day cannot bear both “save” tears and sorrows and burst into a great crying or in a rage.

As for the physical suffering caused by not mourn we can highlight the headache or neck, stomach aches and dizziness. Defenses will be reduced and will be more prone to diseases of all kinds.

Besides the emotions contained block the flow of energy and that also influences health.

Deep crying is an excellent natural way to relieve our pain and understand what our pains and sorrows are. That does not mean we have to wait to accumulate all evil, but know how letting go what hurts us slowly.

At present we are too busy to understand what happens to us. We do not take the time to analyze everyday emotions and we find it hard to take deep decisions.

If you are all day here and there you can never mourn what you need and let go of the bad.

Maybe you can take advantage of when you shower or go to sleep. That will not become a depressed chronic, but a person who knows how to channel their anxieties in a positive way. You’ll feel really refreshed, liberated and energized to get ahead.

If it costs much mourn not have to worry. A lot happens. You need a little and give yourself time. You can play music, read something or watch a movie of those that require a large packet of tissues next.

You’re not crying for the protagonist or the story itself, but it is interesting to detach you have accumulated in your inner mechanism.

Did you know that there is a point at the height of the throat that when pressed activates crying? Can also breathe deeply too much this technique works for them to mourn.

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Crying is a natural painkiller

We have already spoken of the “spiritual” act of mourn area and a little about its consequences. It is also good to know that there have been many studies to analyze why few more tears shed quieter is the “crybaby”.

If crying is worth the saline liquid known as tear has the ability to wipe the tear of the eyes and moisturize the eyeballs naturally. Is this what it is? To release hormones being, neither more nor less.

When stressed there is more chance that cry. This has a very compelling scientific reason to expel tears eliminate oxytocin, noradrenaline and adrenaline. These elements have on the body the same effect as a pain reliever.

Hormones fix attention on what we feel. So after a great cry we are better. As if this were not enough, experts suggest that reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.

Mourn and laugh … Equally beneficial?

The laughter and crying are two phenomena that are more present in our daily lives. If we analyze physiologically, both are similar. Why? Because they modify the breathing and blood pressure.

If we laugh an hour a day reduces 14 grams of fat. Perhaps it can seem little. But if you add it in a year you will have reduced 5kg. And that’s not the only benefit, because laughter increases self-esteem, slows aging and eliminates stress and tension.

Exactly latter also achieves crying! Hippocratic medicine considered it as “a purge to moods”. Throughout history mourn been misunderstood as a sign of little fortitude or weakness.

However, this is not so. Let the laughter and tears fill your life! For more visit http://merchantdroid.com/

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