How to eliminate cellulite naturally? advice, nutrition and remedies

Eliminate cellulite? Yes, it can and can be done naturally. In this guide, we will try to show you advice, nutrition and the most effective remedies.

What is cellulite?

An absolutely unpleasant blemish that makes our legs look swollen like large oranges, which gives the skin an ugly, thickened, sometimes sore and pure form of craters, not even the lunar soil. Are you tired of seeing them every day in the mirror? Then it’s time to know how to eliminate cellulite naturally.

If for example the problem is your lifestyle and nutrition, they are the ones that you will have to change first. One thing like the hereditary factor does not change, but it tries to stem the problem at least. At the first signs of the appearance of cellulite, it is necessary to ask what the cause is and start to remedy it.

Some useful questions will guide us …

  • How much water do I drink a day?
  • How much movement do I make?
  • What is my diet like?
  • How many natural remedies for cellulite do I know?

Cellulite and water retention

One of the biggest problems is water retention. How much water do you drink a day? They should be at least 2 liters. Water is important to keep the tissues hydrated, therefore elastic and soft and to expel the liquids and toxins we have in our circulation. Very useful in this regard are the pineapple juice, rich in bromelain which helps eliminate swelling, grapefruit juice, green tea and purifying herbal teas that help eliminate toxins.

eliminate cellulite

Have you ever heard of the glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon to drink on an empty stomach in the morning? Here, that is a good habit to be reckoned with.

It seems that the lemon tea to eliminate cellulite is perfect, it is also simple to do: you take a lemon (bio, because pesticides and cellulite do not get along very well) then peel the skin (the white part does not) and the it is boiled in a pot of water. It is boiled for 3 minutes, filtered and sweetened with just a little honey. Same procedure for horsetail (4 tablespoons).

Here is another draining herbal tea to try …

  • 50 g of spirea olmaria
  • 20 g of burdock
  • 20 g of anise seeds
  • 20 g of elderberry

It is an infusion: therefore let the herbs be infused in about 200 ml of boiling water for ten minutes. Then strain and drink.

If we don’t have time to go to herbal medicine, here is an herbal tea for cellulite with aromas we have at home …

  • 1 tablespoon of basil leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of mint leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of laurel leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of lavender
  • 1 tablespoon of anise seeds

Leave to infuse in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes. It is filtered and drunk.

Finally, here is another interesting purifying herbal tea to eliminate cellulite …

  • A teaspoon of bitter orange peel
  • A teaspoon of horsetail leaves

Boil everything in a pot of water for 5 minutes. Strain and drink.

Nutrition and cellulite

Nutrition and cellulite are closely related: do you want to eliminate cellulite? Learn to eat well and healthy. There are foods to avoid and foods that should be favored and then there is the question of salt: salt swells, holds liquids, but it is not a question of eliminating only what we dust on food it is about eliminating all industrial foods they contain it in spades and you send it down without realizing it. Nuts, soups, ready soups, ready meals, glutamate and of course cold cuts.

It is also necessary to eliminate fats, fried foods, sugars, coffee, red meat, snacks and alcohol.

So should we eat without flavor? No, there are spices, garlic and onion, olive oil and a bit of chili.

The foods that help eliminate cellulite are: raw vegetables, egg and white meat proteins, lentils, blue fish, soy, watermelon, bananas, whole wheat pasta and bread, citrus fruits, kiwis , papaya, red fruits, broccoli, walnuts, onions, oat bran, pears and asparagus.

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Cellulite and lifestyle

In addition to all this, to eliminate cellulite in a natural way , it is good to remember that smoking is a vice that does not help, that too many drugs do not help, excesses either and the little sleep also. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and do not favor circulation and heels that are too high.

And now comes the painful part …

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How to eliminate cellulite with physical activity

Hands up who after a day of stress, work and various problems wants to pedal / run / jump / walk? For some it is an outlet but for others it is a torture, those who would simply throw themselves on the couch and read a book or watch a movie. But if you want to eliminate cellulite, you must do physical activity. Any time you can (stairs, walk, exercise bike etc.).

One of the really useful things to do is to raise your legs as much as possible to facilitate venous return. If it is summer and you have the sea nearby, take the opportunity to go for a walk in the water. If you have a swimming pool nearby, opt for swimming. Eliminating cellulite and physical exercises get along well, so even aerobics at home is not to be underestimated.

And then there are massages: if you use home remedies massages are essential, whatever remedy you take. Whether it is DIY scrubs, salt wraps, essential oils or coffee you must always massage, it is the best way to restore circulation.

Do you have vibrating bands or massagers at home? Those too are good.

When you shower, remember to alternate jets of warm water and cold water to stimulate circulation.

Salt water is the top to deflate, while among the essential oils the best are those with geranium, juniper and bitter orange (always to be diluted in a base oil such as olive oil or almond oil desserts). Coffee is the natural remedy to eliminate the absolute best cellulite, provided you don’t drink it. There you can make creams for wraps and scrubs.

Here’s how to make coffee-based anti-cellulite cream

In a small bowl put 5-6 coffee grounds, add a small amount of olive oil and if you want even a small amount of moisturizer for the body. Give a good turn that blends everything together and then you have to spread (massaging with small circular movements) the anti-cellulite cream you made in the areas where cellulite is more consistent. Cover everything with plastic wrap; let it work for about twenty minutes and then rinse in the shower.

Some scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of caffeine against cellulite and more careful women will surely have noticed that this appears in numerous cosmetic products. In fact, it acts by stimulating drainage, thus making it easier to remove accumulated liquids. It is also interesting that the use of caffeine does not have undesirable effects.

Those who prefer can take advantage of the benefits of caffeine during a relaxing and regenerating hot shower. The pores of the skin, dilated by the hot water, will allow a rapid absorption of the caffeine contained in the coffee grounds and this will act with its draining action.

Using coffee as a natural remedy for cellulite will offer benefits after the first week of treatment. Liquids will be better drained and cellulite will be greatly reduced.

Eliminating cellulite with natural remedies, you can just have a good deal of initiative and good will.

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