How to care for and protect the skin from the cold?

With the arrival of autumn begins the season in which the days become colder and cloudy, for this reason we must pay attention to the care for protect the skin, since this type of climate can damage it and cause an unpleasant appearance on the skin. The low temperatures typical of winter inevitably lead to problems in our skin. The skin becomes dry and becomes more tight and sensitive, does it sound? If with the arrival of winter you notice your skin drier, do not miss these beauty tips for protect the skin care in this winter.

Both the external cold and the use of heating in closed places suppose a greater dehydration of our skin, making it more sensitive to external agents such as the sun or pollution. These are the reasons why we feel our skin tighter during the cold months, and may even appear small wounds or other skin conditions. To avoid this, protect the skin in winter with a specific hydration is essential, but is the care the same for the whole body? The truth is that the skin of the face, the hands, or our lips are different and, therefore, the care must be adapted to the needs of each one.

Face care in winter

protect the skin from the cold

The face is one of the areas that suffers most from the cold, since, although the rest of the body is covered with clothes, the face is exposed. To avoid having this area dehydrated, care should be applied both in the morning and at night. In the morning, clean your skin thoroughly before applying makeup and protect it with specific moisturizing cream for cold climates. A facial cream for protect the skin in winter is essential to avoid tension, but we must choose one that maintains hydration throughout the day. At night, remember to apply a cream at night and, above all, pay special attention to the care of the eye area, as this area is especially dry.

Care of hands in winter

The hand is another area especially problematic due to the effect of cold on our skin. We suffer dehydration in this area that sometimes involves flaking or wounds. To avoid this, we must apply a hand cream for very dry skin several times a day, especially before and after going outside, so that we create a protective film for our hands.

Care of the lips in winter

The temperature changes are responsible for our lips are cracked, causing painful cracks that open again with each gesture we make. To hydrate them properly, use a restorative moisturizer before your lipstick. At night, apply once again a layer of this cosmetic and let your lips hydrate while you sleep. Do not forget the best hydration, the natural one. Drink 2 liters of water a day and your lips will look healthy and hydrated.

Body care in winter

care for and protect the skin

Although the skin of our body is more protected thanks to the different layers of clothing, it also suffers with the cold. For this reason, it is especially important to take care protect the skin in winter by applying deep hydration body cream for very dry skin, at least once a day, always better if you do it when leaving the shower with slightly moist skin. Pay special attention to drier areas such as elbows and knees. In addition, it performs a body peeling every ten days, to eliminate dead cells and regenerate our skin.

Use sunscreen

Although the temperatures are lower and the density of the clouds increases generating a cloudy atmosphere, the use of sunscreen must persist, since the fact that it does not heat, that does not mean that the radiation Ultraviolet is not the same and endanger the skin.

It is suggested that protectors in cream presentation be used for the autumn-winter season, since gel and spray protectors do not provide the same moisture and protection. Remember that the use of sunscreen prevents skin cancer.

Beware of low temperatures

The cold causes the skin to suffer from dryness, irritation and in the worst case of diseases such as topic dermatitis; that in addition to causing discomfort generates an unpleasant appearance.

To avoid these problems, the use of emollients containing lanolin or petrolatum, since they are natural fats that provide protection to the skin, it is also suggested the use of creams without color or perfume. In the case of men who often are not accustomed to the use of creams, they can use balms, lotions and soaps with neutral ph.

At the time of cleaning

Because in this season of the year the skin is more sensitive, when it is time to clean it, it should be done without carving it strongly because it irritates more, the baths should be done in a short time and with warm water.

Dress for the cold without damaging protect the skin

best protect the skin

Because during the autumn-winter there are more chances of rain, fog and very low temperatures; we always look for clothes that provide more heat and protection, without knowing that there are certain types of fibers that can further irritate the skin. The use of wool garments in direct contact with the skin, ideally cotton and soft textures. In the same way, the application of perfumes or lotions on the skin should be avoided directly; the ideal is to put it on the clothes. Now that you know these tips that at Salad 180 we hope that you apply them and take care of the largest organ of your body that is the skin.


Winter sports enthusiasts should take these precautions especially during the middle of the day (12-15 hours), by using an appropriate sun protection factor.

In the bathroom

The winter cold causes that as soon as you get home you want to take a hot shower, be careful with the temperature of the water, because the excessively hot and prolonged baths remove the hydrophobic mantle. Therefore dermatologists recommend taking quick baths with warm water and soaps that respect the chemical structure of the skin.


Apply throughout the body, with special emphasis on elbows and knees, these are regions that are easily respected.

Room temperature

discover protect the skin

At home the ambient temperature should not exceed 22 degrees and whenever possible it should have a humidifier or environmental humidification system, such as placing wet towels on radiators and other hot spots.

Finally, the changes in temperature that our skin suffers in winter cause us to dry out and dehydrate. Mercedes Baroque, responsible for Vichy Laboratories, gives us the keys to know how to protect the skin in cold. In this season, the skin is exposed to adverse external conditions related to the weather, such as cold, wind, lack of humidity, etc., but also to other conditions such as sudden temperature variations and other factors such as pollution.

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