5 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise

When it comes to finding a form of exercise that is beneficial in more than ways than one, swimming is the way to go. It’s the best workout you can get and you can do it just about anywhere you feel that your skills are strong enough, be it the ocean, the local gym, or your very own backyard (if you’re lucky enough to have a private pool).

So here are five reasons why swimming is good for you and the benefits that this type of exercise can offer swimmers of all ages and skill levels:

1. Burn Calories

First and foremost, swimming is an excellent form of cardio because it gets the lungs working at peak performance and offers an intense aerobic workout that can burn around 500-600 calories in an hour. Many of us would rather skip the gym or forget about exercising altogether. But when you can jump in the pool and do some laps under the midday sun, you’ll find that burning fat and calories is a lot more enjoyable.

2. Joints and Muscles

Swimming is considered a “low impact” form of exercise which makes it the ideal choice for people who may be suffering from arthritis or aching muscles. In fact, diving into the water and swimming from one end to the other provides you with enough of a workout that you can still enjoy the benefits of this type of movement without putting undue strain on your joints and muscles.

Many people will prefer to get their workout in the water instead of running or jogging along the road, mainly because the shock of each step can prove to be far too painful. But don’t underestimate the intensity of a good swim, it can be just as effective at challenging your stamina as a good long run.

3. Building Endurance

As we mentioned already, swimming can improve lung capacity and function and ,in doing so, help you make each breath in and out be more efficient in your use of oxygen. The more you swim, the more useful it can be for building your respiratory system which can be an effective ally in training for all forms of exercise that require steady breathing.

Runners who are training for long distance marathons will work to improve their breathing through swimming.

4. Improved Bone Density

Fitness experts agree that spending time in the water swimming on a regular basis can be just as effective at increasing bone density as taking a walk for an hour a day or undergoing any type of resistance training. Swimming can be particularly effective at helping to reduce bone loss as a result of injury or due to a lack of exercise for any considerable length of time.

5. Greater Strength

Swimming against the thick density of water can be just as effective at building strength than any weight lifting or running might offer. The work you need to put in to swim multiple laps in your pool is just about the same as a good session at the gym. You can enhance your strength without bulking up, which is something that many swimmers prefer.

Now that you know the benefits, consider signing up for SwimRVA swim school to take advantage of everything that swimming has to offer!

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