8 tips to avoid sunspots on face

The appearance of sunspots on face does not represent a risk to health. However, many consider them unsightly and prefer to avoid them. Discover the best tips. To avoid sunspots it is important to apply basic care in the daily routine. Although these brands are harmless and do not represent health risks, almost all prefer to avoid them because they consider them unsightly. How to minimize its appearance?

Currently there are many products that help reduce the impact of UV rays on the skin. However, it is essential to complement them with other simple methods to protect the exposed areas. In this opportunity we want to share in detail 8 recommendations.

What are sunspots?

avoid sunspots on face

Sunspots are also known as liver spots, although they have nothing to do with the liver. They are flat brown spots that usually develop in areas of the skin that are constantly exposed to the sun.

Their size and shape vary, but in general they are usually noticed in areas such as the face, the neckline, the shoulders and the back of the hands. While they sometimes appear to be cancerous, they are actually completely harmless and do not require specific treatments. The need to avoid them and minimize them arises only for aesthetic reasons.

Tips to avoid sunspots on face

Due to the impact caused by the sun on the skin, there are increasingly more treatments and cosmetic products whose purpose is to minimize the aggression caused by UV rays. However, if the goal is to avoid sunspots on face, it is necessary to implement other strategies.

Use sunscreen all year

Sunscreen is not exclusive for the summer season. This product should be used all year round, since even on cloudy days there is a risk of suffering negative effects from solar radiation.

If you are looking to avoid skin blemishes and reduce the risk of melanoma, apply a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of over 50. If the day is very sunny, repeat your application every two hours.

Avoid the sun at certain times

Sunbathing for a few minutes can be healthy, as it contributes to an optimal synthesizing vitamin D . However, it is best to avoid it during the hottest hours of the day (from 10 am to 3 pm) since the rays are more intense and can cause greater aggression.

If sun exposure is necessary at this time, it is essential to use a good sunscreen and protective clothing such as those that fit the arms and legs. Similarly, try to schedule outdoor activities at another time.

To avoid sunspots: hat and sunglasses

In addition to wearing clothing that provides protection to the skin, it is also convenient to use accessories such as hat and sunglasses. These supplements prevent UV rays from directly impacting the head, which helps avoid sunspots on the face.

In fact, glasses with sunscreen are necessary to protect the eyes from radiation and the premature aging of the delicate skin that covers its contour. Make sure you buy them in a place of trust, since not all glasses have this function.

Avoid the use of perfumed products

One of the recommendations that many people ignore when it comes to avoiding sunspots is to avoid the use of perfumed products. Both the creams and the colonies have components that can affect the appearance of spots if they are used before sun exposure.

This is due to photo toxicity reaction, which triggers an excess of melanin and pigmentation that can be noticed in the form of spots. Thus, if you are going to expose yourself to the sun soon, avoid applying any product with these characteristics. Instead, use sun cream with a good sunscreen.

Opt for sunscreen makeup

The need to protect the skin from the sun’s aggression has forced many companies to develop products with sunscreen. Therefore, there are currently many cosmetic and makeup products available with sunscreen. In fact, there is sunscreen with color in different presentations.

The latter has become a trend, as it has color pigments that give a more uniform skin tone, but giving a “plus” of protection against the sun’s impact. Do you want to avoid sunspots? Do not hesitate to try these products, there are for all skin types.

Increase the consumption of vitamin C

To avoid sunspots on face we cannot ignore what nutrition has to do with it. Good nutrition is also reflected in skin health. In this particular case, we recommend the consumption of vitamin C, since it acts as an antioxidant against the damage caused by continuous exposure to the sun.

In fact, foods such as citrus and berries contribute to an optimal production of collagen and promote the process of cell recovery from UV radiation . Consume them by themselves, or, in salads, smoothies and juices.

Apply moisturizing masks

Thanks to the masks you can return the hydration to the skin, in addition to providing antioxidants that prevent sunspots.

To enjoy the benefits of hydrating masks, it is not necessary to wait for sunspots to develop. If you want to avoid these imperfections, choose to apply this type of treatments once or twice a week. How to do them?

Although in the cosmetics stores there are different presentations, it is also valid to use those of natural origin. A good way to prepare them is by combining ingredients such as ripe avocado, honey and coconut oil. Spread the mixture over the areas exposed to the sun, let it act for 20 minutes and rinse.

Increase water consumption to avoid sunspots

Water alone cannot do much to prevent sunspots, however, if we include it in the daily routine it can help to keep skin healthy. The consumption of two liters of water per day favors the cell regeneration process and reduces the risk of dryness, spots and premature aging.


You can adopt simple habits to avoid the appearance of sunspots on face. The most important thing is to be consistent with your practice, since solar radiation affects the skin at any time.

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