The best natural sunscreens

Despite the danger of constant exposure to the sun, as we know it has many benefits on the body: the sun’s rays, in fact, stimulate the production of vitamin D, regulate the production of melatonin and sleep; Moreover, they are able to relieve rheumatic pain and improve mood.

A correct exposure to the sun, therefore, is not only useful but also necessary for our body. We know too well, though, that a bad sun exposure carries with it many risks for our skin : burns, burns, rashes, spots and – in some cases – even tumors.

With the arrival of summer, the race perfect tan seems to be top priority: in fact, a tan should be a slow and gradual process, perhaps by adopting the right sun protection for our skin.

natural sunscreens

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How to protect your skin from the sun’s rays

In addition to the classics – but still useful – tips such as avoiding sun exposure during the hours the strongest and repair itself in the event of excessive heat and sunlight, it is very important to use products that help to protect us from the sun’s rays, avoiding annoying burns and scalds. In the market, there are lots of sunscreen and often the choice is not so simple. One of the most important aspects is to choose sunscreen according to your skin type.

Sunscreens bio

For several years they are doing well in sunscreens made with organic ingredients : these are natural sunscreens that protect the skin optimally. Cosmetic products are safe and certified, free of side effects and are ideal for the respect of our health and the environment.

Difference between traditional and natural sunscreens

The main difference between these two types of sunscreens is that traditional use chemical sunscreens; biological ones, however, protect your skin by using natural mineral sunscreens.

The natural sunscreens are free from dyes, preservatives or fragrances : this provides the person using them to minimize the appearance of allergies or rashes, widespread use among those who use the traditional sunscreens. The fact that there are protections within natural organic ingredients does not mean that these types of products are not effective; even they offer a good shield against UVA and UVB rays and the damaging effects of the sun.

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The best (in our opinion) natural sunscreens on the market

It’s really difficult to choose the best natural organic cream for sun protection, because the products sold are so many. We have selected a few that we think are among those that are worth trying.

Bjobi solar

These are products with ICEA certification and Nickel Tested, produced by Sanecovit. The offer includes sunscreen for children with high protection, after-sun creams, sun creams anti-aging and many other solutions. They are herbal ingredients such as coconut oil, linseed, argan and jojoba.

Tea Nature

Sunscreen, after sun milk and solar oil Monoi Tiare, a natural ingredient found in these products to give fragrance. The protection is provided by zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Algae Maris

A well known brand that offers a line of products for adults and children, ensuring a very high protection. Among the protective principles present there are those of algae and those of the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Providing protection from UVA and UVB rays, they have certification Cosmetique Bio.

Bema Cosmetics

Another well known brand, Bema offers natural products with ICEA certification, Nickel Tested and have no traces of synthetic chemical filters, entrusting the protection function to physical filters. Between sun protection solutions, Bema offers sun milk with varying degrees of protection, low, medium and high, both for adults and children.

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