How to style a narrow hallway

Hallways play a key role in the home. They are the space where guests are welcomed, the first thing you see after a long day at work, and the busy area that acts as a link between the outdoors and indoors.
Natural light

As hallways are the transition from outdoors to indoors, it is understandable that many people add a nature-inspired spin to their hallway decor.

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Hallways are ideal for enhancing the beauty of your outdoor environment by bringing florals, forest green hints and nature-themed decorations into your house. This can create an immersive and synchronised transition to the outside.

Natural light can be factored into this by having glass doors leading outside. They will provide a soft, gentle light in your hallway while enhancing your view of the outdoors, with the hallway acting as a bridge. The same principle can apply to the back of your house; for example, bifold doors Stroud will provide a clear view of your garden.

This can be a good opportunity to invest in energy-efficient glazing alongside enhancing the look of your living space. Companies such as can provide the necessary services.

All white

All-white schemes never go out of style and are perfect for making small spaces feel bigger. Even if you decide to go for a gentle off-white rather than a pristine bright white, staying with the same shade for the walls and ceiling will have a big effect on both the atmosphere of the space and how it is perceived.

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Alternate ways

If the ideas above are not for you, there are many different ways to style your hallway. This ITV article has lots of ideas.

Ultimately, there are many brilliant ways to style your hallway to your taste.

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