The performance anxiety

At work, in the study, but also in the most seemingly innocent daily reports. Performance anxiety can have very negative effects and at the expense of their own performance. We talk with Dr. Francesca Cenci – psychologist, psychotherapist, sports psychologist.


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How important is education and how important are the first experiences in determining a person more or less susceptible to suffer from performance anxiety?

An innate predisposition to develop an anxious nature undoubtedly there, but in this kind of problems the environment plays a crucial role. Parents apprehensive, very applicants, who have too high expectations on their children, worsen this stretch and take him to the nth degree. There are adults who continue to have performance anxiety for all because of an ancient legacy of the past inculcated by their parents, who cannot be disposed of in any way.

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What are the most frequent mistakes that she sees in her professional experience commit to parents who – perhaps with good intentions – instead unleashed a problem which in severe cases can even become paralyzing?

No doubt, the most frequent errors are requiring their children continue in school results, in sports and in every competitive environment. Criticize them constantly for everything and make them feel always in the eye of the viewfinder. We should stop judging and learn to step aside. Support but silent, instill confidence and broadcast unconditional love. Emphasize positive behavior and praise for the effort and not for the result.

What are the tips that you can you give to those parents who may at times are too apprehensive, in order to control the expectations and the way you communicate, especially when these could cause serious problems in the adult life of their children?

Anxiety generates anxiety. Apprehension procures other apprehension. To instill serenity you need to be quiet first, otherwise we will only create problems in our children, who are veritable sponges to incorporate our moods and to absorb them, especially the negative ones. And above all we must take from the idea that we are more apprehensive as we can bail out our children, because staying on me unfortunately too often procures the opposite effect. Freedom must be the basis of any form of love, even though when it comes to children I know that is the hardest thing to do.

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