Muscle contracture: An intense pain that can block physical activity

More and more peoples who each year decides to try their hand at different sports activities: swimming, running, cycling, football, rugby, volleyball and so on.

Those who play sport at a competitive and / or amateur level may incur, either because of too intense workouts, either because (for example in this time of year) of fairly cold, in episodes of muscle contraction: when the muscles are stimulated beyond measure and beyond their limit of endurance, they tend to be counted as a kind of defense.

It is a signal that is released us from our bodies to tell us to stop: it is not just a problem that only affects the lower limbs, but it is a disorder that can affect any muscle district.

Muscle contracture

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What kind of pain you feel?

The pain caused by a possible contracture is of modest entity, difficult to locate in a precise point and that induces a feeling of hardening of the muscle concerned: this due to the fact that the muscle, contracting, both shortens and creates pain.

When it tends to appear contracture?

Often when you do not make a regular muscle warming up before a workout, if you are untrained or if they are carried out too brusque and sudden movements. But not only that: the low temperatures (as we said a moment ago) typical of the winter season, can be a risk factor to be reckoned with at the start: the blood vessels, in fact, they tend to shrink and muscle, as a result, less blood flows and in this way, the chances of getting hurt tend to increase.

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So, what can you do when you feel the typical pain from injury?

It does not just hear a muscle block is essential immediately stop physical activity you are performing at that particular time: it should try to stretch the affected muscle with some stretching exercises, in order to facilitate proper blood flow in the affected area and complete rest for at least 24-48 hours.

Green light for hot water compresses to “decontratturare” the affected muscle area, but the most effective remedy is certainly to make 2 or 3 sessions of decontracting massages provided by medical experts. If the pain does not pass, it is good to investigate the case and referral to a specialist.

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