9 psychological tricks that can make your life easier

Non negatively manipulate those around us, there are certain attitudes that we can make life easier and help us achieve our goals.

Communicate and relate with others can be difficult at times. Both when it comes to work and personal relationships, certainly looking for options to make your life easier.

You should not confuse this with a way to manipulate people to get what you want. These are simple tricks that will help you communicate and interact better with others in general.

1. Look in the eyes when you do not get an answer that satisfies you

Sometimes you may not like the answer you get to a question, or simply may not understand what they are trying to tell you. Instead of repeating the question or ask another answer, just look in the eyes of the other person to get what you want.

This will make the person feel under pressure and forced to develop more their thoughts to give you a better answer.

Psychological Tricks

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2. Stay calm when someone raises his voice

If you respond with shouts when someone argues with you acting under the influence of anger, you may be causing the situation more complicated involuntarily.

If you strive to calm down, you will notice that the feelings of anger the other person will begin to fade quickly and guilt begin to take effect.

This increases the possibility that the other person is who will achieve apologize first and make your life easier.

3. Sit near the aggressor to avoid attack

Should you be in a meeting and know that there will be an aggressive person who possibly put against you? In this case there is an opportunity for discussion overheat or have to face negative reviews on their part.

When you sit next to that person, the possibility that appears uncomfortable, but not the only. You too bother you the situation.

However, this will help to reduce levels of aggression in both, managing to make your life easier by avoiding unnecessary confrontations.

4. Write down your thoughts when you have cravings or stress

It is normal to feel some stress or anxiety at some point in your life. Write down your thoughts in a journal and put it aside can help you.

This allows you to concentrate on your activities more easily because, in a way, you shared your thoughts with “someone”.

When you share, your feelings begin to lighten the weight of thoughts in your mind and leave space for new thoughts.

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5. Minimize your options when you cannot make a decision

You may think that the more you have to choose, the better. However, sometimes have much to choose from you can make paralyze you.

Ideally, you limit your choices to no more than four options. This will be able to analyze your decision – making effectively.

To make your life easier, consider minimize the options you have to consider so you can meditate better on them, rather than investing long in alternatives that could rule from the beginning.

6. The correct position increases your confidence

This trick works to make your life easier both at work and personally. You can dramatically improve your love life and you can even get a promotion at work if you simply change your posture.

If you simply give more space for yourself, you begin to notice how slowly your confidence levels increase. This is because our brain is influenced largely by body language.

7. Make them feel needed when you ask for help

If you need someone to lend a hand in something, he begins with the phrase “I need your help …” – People like to feel needed and hate have feelings of guilt. This is a mixture of feelings that will play in your favor.

When you start the conversation with that phrase, you will get manipulated in some way you feel that person and get the help you need with more security.

8. Warm up your hands before shaking hands

Did you know that the temperature of your hands influences the level of trust you generate in others? Cold hands are usually linked closely with distrust.

Therefore we recommend that when you must hand touch or shake hands with someone else, you make sure that your hands are warm.

This will make your hands promote a pleasant feeling and therefore much more confidence.

9. Remember the names of others will make you a popular person

If to make your life easier to increase your popularity require, then this trick will be perfect for you. When you head toward others for their names to speak, they begin to feel more special instantly.

This increases the chances that you stay in the mind of that person, not just at the time, but after the end of the interaction.

Before closing, we want to remind you once again that these tips do not we give them to take advantage of others negatively. Assesses the situation where you are and, if not do any harm, use them.

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