Dry hair masks, wraps and other remedies

Have your hair dry and brittle is a very common problem in women, for example in the summer where the exposure to the sun and the wind make hair brittle and lacking in volume, to which all would be remedied as soon as understanding what to do.

Also because of aggressive treatments and cosmetic products unsuitable, your hair can become dry and arid: try to feed them with masks and wraps for dry hair 100% natural!

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Natural remedies for dry hair are undoubtedly less invasive, effective and economical, but before you use it is good to know because our hair are off to start correcting the bad habits that cause dryness.

What are the causes of dry hair and dull most common?

Dry hair is caused by anatomically short amount of sebum on our scalp. Sebum is a fatty substance that naturally secretes our body that helps to hydrate hair and skin (due to a lack also the problem of dry skin).

Several factors may alter its equilibrium in the case of dry hair causing itching and irritation, causing loss of elasticity and shine to the hair.

In order to cure the hair dry and dehydrated, it is therefore advisable to become familiar with some of the most common causes.

Below you will find some of the reasons for which your beautiful hair loses its shine and begins to acquire an unpleasant look crisp and ugly:

Wash your hair too

Wash your hair too often, especially using shampoos that contain harmful chemicals, it tends to dry them by eliminating from your hair the nutrients that give the right moisture and shine.

Also we do not overdo the heat that comes from hair dryers, hot plates and electric curlers. They dehydrate very strong hair.

Poor nutrition

Poor diet, also known as malnutrition, occurs when a person follows a diet lacking vitamins and nutrients: as a result, the hair becomes dry, brittle and damaged.

Usually, this is a sign of a diet deficient in omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Food disorders

Eating disorders are among the factors that take away strength and beauty to the hair and make them dry and damaged.

Anorexia, for example, is a disease that robs the body of needed nutrients and consequently the hair, which often reflect the health of our body. In these cases it may also occur a substantial hair loss.


When the body produces too low thyroid hormone, an individual suffers from hypothyroidism, which not only causes dry hair, but also weakness, fatigue, depression and muscle pain.

Prolonged illness

When you suffer painfully from a prolonged illness and take medication for a long period of time, you can find easily in front of the risk of hair dehydrated and dried.

Obviously this will be a problem absolutely secondary compared to that of the disease itself and, in most cases, recovered the physical form and optimum health, also the hair is recovered slowly.

Use of dyes and tints

Excessive use of dyes and hair dyes cause a big stress on the hair because they cause dryness and deprive them of sufficient percentage of humidity.

Swimming pools and hot tubs

The chlorine content in the water of swimming pools and hot tubs are very damaging to the hair, especially combined with drying and prolonged boiling.

Other causes

There are other causes more or less common for dry hair:

  • Genetic causes, mainly due to its constitution and nature which tends to have a hair dry and exhausted;
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol are as always to be eliminated not only for the health of hair but for that of the whole body;
  • Causes climatic stress your hair: wind, sun, rain etc. etc .;
  • Excessive physical and psychological stress;

What to eat to prevent treat dry hair

How to do so if you have dry hair always?

First of all, we are what we eat and even diet can help us have a beautiful hair and say goodbye to dry hair like straw!

  • Oils: Certainly too many oils and fats are not good but the right dose, which is about 2 tablespoons normal, help improve our metabolism and nourish the hair making it very bright. The oils can be found in the dried fruit of any type, ingesting olive oil, olives, seeds of various tip
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is specific for hair weak and brittle. It is located mainly in strawberries, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables and broccoli wide;
  • Omega 3: It is a fat found in fish also useful to combat ipercolestorelemia;

In general, a balanced diet helps your health, do not ever forget it.

Dry hair wrap with basil

Basil, as well as being a plant that grows easily in a jar, has mainly anti-inflammatory properties, very useful to soothe the discomfort caused to the hair dry and brittle, such as itching and irritation.

Specifically with regard to beauty, its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties make it an excellent pack for dry hair and curly.

Also salts and essential oils of which each leaf is rich in them help to revive the natural color of the hair guaranteeing shine, softness and also smells good.

To make a good home for dry hair wrap made with basil have to do first of all a decoction aren’t very simple:

  • 30 basil leaves
  • 400 g of water

Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Pick the basil leaves and dip them in boiling water.
  2. Once you reach the boil simmer for 5 minutes so that the leaves release their oils and their beneficial substances.
  3. Then filtered removing leaves.
  4. Spread on the hair is not dry, using about 30 grams of product (1 tbsp) at a time. You may want to use it at a rate 1-2 times a week
  5. Rub all over the scalp taking care not to rinse or the properties of basil are washed.

You can add this decoction also in your bathtub. Make the environment pleasant and invigorating effects have also improving cellulite!

To keep it, if every time you have to wash your hair does not have time or desire to prepare the lotion, you can keep the product by freezing it in cubes in the freezer.

Ready to use it you just have to dissolve the solid cube directly on the hair. The cold will have a toning effect both on the skin on the hair reviving them most.

Mask for dry and damaged hair with yogurt and basil

Now let me teach you how to make a mask for dry hair natural homemade yoghurt and basil.

It ‘a very nutritious prepared by the hair, suitable for solving the problem of dryness and make them even brighter!

No more talk here is how to prepare this wonderful mask for dry hair DIY:

  • Add two tablespoons of basil wrap to a pot of low-fat plain yogurt.
  • Mix well until you get a smooth mixture and the hair in their entire length.
  • Let stand 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  • Yogurt along with the basil will have a moisturizing cleanser and removing impurities and making the hair more shiny at the same time.
  • Council treat maximum 1 time per week!

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