The first consultation with a psychiatrist or a specialist in anxiety

There are many natural remedies that help us reduce anxiety, but these remedies usually take effect for a few hours or even for a few seconds when the effects are passed, we’re back as before. If it is true that natural medicine made ​​great progress and is much more advisable than chemical medicine and therefore is very important to talk with your doctor, psychologist, and psychiatrist to give us a different alternative to those normally given.

Consult with a psychiatrist

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What happens when first visits to a psychiatrist because you suffer from anxiety?

One day you start finding strange … you’re not yourself / a, you feel exhausted, you cannot breathe, you feel dizzy, you have tachycardia, palpitations, muscle aches, blurred vision or feeling very uncomfortable with yourself. That’s one of the things for which you go to visit a doctor, which looks like blood pressure, pulse and causes you to describe what happens to you … then tells you “suffer from anxiety” and that you have to visit the psychiatrist. You keep thinking it cannot be that cannot be due to anxiety: only you know what anxiety is?

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an altered emotional state which is caused by various changes in our bodies and our brains. Usually due to problems in the family, work, friendships, or with ourselves: we are wrong, we look in the mirror and the reflection does not seem to be ours. Our mind is closing in band and stop thinking negative things, our positivism changed from one day to another, or say … of one second to another. Our mind is not what it was, that urge to fight and get away completely goals and our main goal is to cure anxiety. Everything that had gotten longer makes sense, even our loved ones go into the background. Sometimes they do not understand what happens to us and believe that we have nothing and that is just fad nonsense. But we do not see it. We suffer from symptoms that we never had before, is that they are horrible symptoms and fear takes hold of us believe that we will die, we will get a heart attack because of the anxiety that we will all go wrong that no one wants to be with us or anyone feels comfortable with us. The negative thought enters our life and does not let us live a normal life.

Once you get to the psychiatrist, I try to explain what happens to you, but you cannot because you think, then come the questions, questions that you do yourself no sense. They are really incoherent questions…

For example … a question might be: Why I’m drowning? Why did this happen? When will it go? Each question is done, but in general people who suffer anxiety for the first time or who have long with her, usually always go through very similar stages. That’s why I after spending lots of years with an anxiety disorder, I know what happens to you, how you feel and how you feel when doctors tell you that your body is all right and that the problem is in your mind. So you know how you feel, I also went through it and is really good for you.

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