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Make-up Lessons for Gray Eyes

If you are the owner of gray eyes, then consider that you are very lucky! After all, a beautiful makeup for gray eyes can make even a beginner, because this color, in fact, is...

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Chest pain in the middle

Chest pain in the middle of a very common symptom, which can occur to everyone, it occurs, as a rule, with the disease of organs located directly in the chest. It is also an...

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How to overcome dependence on best selfless

Almost everybody knows about what best selfless¬†is now, but just in case, I’ll clarify: Selfie (English selfish from self-self, self) is a kind of self-portrait, imprinting oneself on the camera. Since now almost any...

diet of 6 petals 0

Diet of 6 petals

The Swedish diet of dietician Anna Johansson diet of 6 petals (often called “chamomile diet”, “flower diet”) is based on a six-day mono menu. The creator of the diet visualized her idea in the...

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6 best series to understand life as a couple

Who said that life as a couple is simple? We need to understand life it with experience and also with the experiences of others. That’s why the series can help us face everything.

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How to take gotu kola to lose weight

The gotu kola plant or Gotu Kola has proved to be an excellent supplement for low-calorie diets and aimed at weight loss. It stands out, especially, for its anti-cellulite action allowing us to improve...