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9 Ways to Avoid Dehydration in Summer

Avoid Dehydration in Summer- Dehydration is one of the main enemies of beauty. The skin becomes dry, thinned, easily traumatized, and wrinkles, like cracks on the glass, creep more and more intensively and deeper.

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Chest pain in the middle

Chest pain in the middle of a very common symptom, which can occur to everyone, it occurs, as a rule, with the disease of organs located directly in the chest. It is also an...

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Laughter Yoga: Exercises and Benefits

Laughter Yoga starts from the premise that laughing is good for your body and mind as much as Yoga! Why not put these two activities together? Discover with us what is the Yoga of laughter, how...

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Interesting myths about sleep

Each of you probably heard that a person eats up to about 8 insects a year during sleep. This fact has become a real legend about the dream, about which the entire planet has heard. Recently...

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The Diet To Prevent Migraine

Alcoholic and seasoned cheeses can worsen the intensity of the headache. We find out what foods are intensifying. Among the various causes that can trigger headaches are food. Dried fruits, alcoholic and long-seasoned cheeses...

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Rehabilitation: Prevention of stroke

Rehabilitation after a stroke is an important learning process, when it is necessary to start the recovery of the damaged body functions caused by the disease. There are three periods of rehabilitation: inpatient, outpatient...