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avoid dehydration

9 Ways to Avoid Dehydration in Summer

Avoid Dehydration in Summer- Dehydration is one of the main enemies of beauty. The skin becomes dry, thinned, easily traumatized, and wrinkles, like cracks on the glass, creep more and more intensively and deeper.

Masks From Pharmaceutical Means

Facial Masks From Pharmaceutical Means

Available facial care from the pharmacy can be an excellent basis for cooking a mask. The result of the application can be compared with professional cosmetics, which often includes pharmaceutical products. For complex care...

How to use peptide as fat burner?

The drug peptide has not yet gained wide distribution among athletes and the expediency of its use today will be a conversation. Peptide for fat burning is used to date, a number of experiments...

dating this summer

The best ideas for dating this summer

Find interesting ideas for dating this summer can be in any season, but it is summer months that can give a bright and rich holiday for two. Ideas for a meeting in the dating...